Hi, I’ve not written a single blog entry since I don’t remember, and guess what? I’m unofficially unemployed.

Well, unofficially.

The thing is, I accepted an offer last January, but my employer that time doesn’t want to allow me to take an immediate resignation. Why? According to them, the law only allow immediate resignation IF and ONLY IF it is because of a personal health issue. So, I guess if you’re dead or dying. Hah! So I decided to give that nonsensical 15 days render. Ugh. Who will have enough drive to work if they already know that, eventually, it’ll all be for your employer’s benefit?

Maybe, just maybe, if the company I was working for was a really good one. But, Hell no! Say hello to the idea of NOT having your personal, earned leave credits converted to cold yummy cash. Sucks bigtime, right?

Add that to the super low salary, lower than your ass, man. Yeah, THAT FREAKIN’ LOW! How can I live?

So now, I’m a border in my own home. I live to eat, watch TV, and feed pets. I actually just finished feeding them rascals. Haha!

But I, too, have feelings that are crushed every now and then. My siblings are just too… How do you say it… Dependent.

I think they’ll die if one day I decide not to go home without them knowing. Damn, man! The store’s just a few houses from my place, and yet they have to text me, tell me to buy food for the pets, and wait for me to go home! I swear, if they ask me to buy food for the table, I’ll be home pretty late. Trust me, they’ll sleep with empty stomachs.

I am not ranting because I don’t want them telling me what I should do. I just want them to realize that I am also tired from work, and that I also need some rest. Man, they will kill you with sharp words if you won’t do the same load of chores, bragging they’ve done it in five hours or more, waiting for you to show them some miraculous thing-a-majig in just 30 fckin minutes. Am I superman?

Ugh. Sometimes the idea of getting my own places enters my mind. But my siblings have given my Pops too much headache now. I can’t afford leaving him for just this reason.

Oh well, I tell you now, friends, one thing and one thing only: THAT’S LIFE.


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